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Ravi Padayachee

Ravi Padayachee.
Ravi Padayachee.

HORSE Racing has been a part of Ravi Padayachee’s life since he was a youngster who tagged along to the racecourse every week with his father, who was a keen punter.

Ravi grew up in the Pinetown area of KwaZulu-Natal and with his growing love for the game he always had an ambition to own a racehorse and have a close involvement with the sport.

A mechanical engineer by occupation, Ravi started a successful business in Serv-Kwik, a franchised concern today and 14 years ago, at age 30, he acquired his first horse. He raced for a while with Alistair Gordon and Mike Azzie , enjoying a good run of success with horses like Red Flyer and 2009 SA Nursery winner Vacherin, but eventually his enthusiasm waned.

“Most owners get a bit sour after a while in racing, there are so many highs and lows and one can become disheartened, but fortunately I got my zest for racing back. Some time ago trainer Paul Gadsby convinced me to stay in the game and I have raced with him for a while, a kind man.

“I also met Justin Vermaak and through Green Street Bloodstock I am now involved in nine horses. It’s an exciting venture with lots of opportunities and regular racing and I’m looking forward to see how things develop.

“I have high hopes at present for the GSB Syndicate runner Zelig, he’s a two-year-old with a future.”


Name: Ravi Padayachee
Age: 44
Mechanical Engineer
Marital status: Married
Car: Mercedes Benz ML
I like to eat: Curry. I am the “Curry King”
I like to drink: Whiskey, Jamesons like Justin Vermaak
Personal ambitions: I am involved in charities. We prepare food and take it to the underprivileged. I would like to expand on this, do more.
Racing ambitions: I’d like to own a July Handicap winner, it’s a special race. Even a July runner would be a dream.
Favourite horse: Zelig
Favourite racing personality:
Nico Kritsiotis. He is a friend and a good man, I was so pleased by the way he fought and overcome his illness, which was a serious adversity.
Best moment in racing: I attended the Highveld Awards where our horse Vacherin won Two-Year-old Colt of the Season.