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Fred Blomkamp, enjoying life and racing at 70

Fred Blomkamp, decades of ownership in racing.
Fred Blomkamp, decades of ownership in racing.

VETERAN owner Fred Blomkamp is a Green Street Bloodstock Syndicate Member in Master’s Spirit and Kapenta Bay.

Fred has been involved in racing since his early 20s, growing up in Cape Town with a young Mike Bass and Chris Snaith. They all participated in Cape Hunt and Hurdle Events.

“The called us the Three Musketeers,” Fred fondly recalls. Mike and I had a landscaping business, he had the diploma and I had the mouth. I tried my hand at training hurdlers and Chris was my jockey.

“Later, Mike became assistant to Chris and then took out his own licence. I’ve raced horses on and off with Mike for 45 years, my first winner being The Kajar, a horse we bought second-hand from Theo De Klerk, each of the partners put in R250. He won the Lonsdale Cup in the Cape two years in a row.

“Another good horse was Ravenous, called by that name because he ate everything in sight, he licked his bowl every day after a he’d grown up on a plot at which he had to look after himself in the veld eating grass. Ravenous was a small horse, only 15 hands. He was hard to spot behind others in a race, it looked like he was hiding. But he could run, he won seven times and ran fourth in the Durban July!”

Fred is a Tennis Court Contractor, the best and busiest in the business they say, and business is good – he does plenty of work for schools, clubs and private residences. “People think tennis is not popular anymore but it is. I am booked up until next February fixing tennis and netball courts.”

Away from the office, he is Pastor Fred, who leads a small home congregation of family and friends. He tells: “I was a bad boy in my early years, but I turned to the Lord and my life changed. These days we have our own church at home, 10 or 15 individuals.

“I had three heart attacks years ago, left racing for a while, but when Mike Bass got ill and lost his leg I decided to return, I want to tell racing people about how God can change your life.”

Name: Fred Blomkamp
Age: 70
Occupation: Founder and owner of Tennis Court Maintenance (SA), Johannesburg
Marital status: Married for 45 years
Car: Toyota Fortuner
I like to eat: Prawns, Crayfish
I like to drink: I don’t drink alcohol, my last drink was a “Baby Cham” on my wedding day.
Personal ambitions: I like to speak to people about God, I got back in racing after 15 years, after the illness of Mike Bass, so that I can do some work among racing people, tell them about the Lord.
Racing ambitions: I haven’t won big races, but my wife and I had an ambition to win a race with Noisette, trained by Mike Bass. She was only a 14-hands filly by Argonaut, she had four white socks. Everybody made fun of her and nobody ever expected her to win a race. She did, and she earned over R100,000, which gave us great pleasure and satisfaction.
Favourite horse: Pocket Power.
Favourite racing personality: Mike Bass, a good friend since our youth”.
Best moment in racing: The day Noisette won was very special.